[Lily's Take] Celebrities With or Without Fringe: Which Is Better?

As spring approaches and the snow is melting, it is time for a fresh start, cleaning out the old, and perhaps even a style change! I for one am bleaching my hair, which will be a huge amount of work, considering how dark my hair is right now. I was also thinking of growing my bangs, or frige, out, but couldn't endure it and cut it again.

This made me think about how some celebrities go through style transitions constantly and wondered how they are so good with changing their frige. Fringe does make a big difference in a person's image and the actors and actresses sometimes go through this transition to match the roles they have to play. There are some stars who are known for their constant fringe transformations. Let's look at their styles and see who does it best!


Son Ye-jin

When Son Ye-jin is wore the white outfit above, she didn't have the fringe, and her hair is neat as she kept her natural long straight hair behind her ears. Whereas her black outfit is accompanied with a long side-swept bangs to create a chic aura.

I'm going to vote WITHOUT on this one because I'm just more familiar with Son Ye-jin without her bangs. Plus, I think her biggest charm is her pure-hearted look that is best without covering her pretty forehead.


So Ji-sub

When So Ji-sub has his hair down, he looks so soft and romantic. His hair gently brushing against his eyebrows is the perfect styling for him!

Then, I approach the dilemma of him without the fringe as this style also suits him perfectly. I mean, So Ji-sub is just pure perfection to begin with. Recently, he's been styling his hair up, as he was seen at many promotional events for the movie "Be with You" and the fans are ready to faint at his handsome looks. I'm voting WITHOUT again because I think his handsome features just need to remain uncoveraged.


Park Shin-hye

Park Shin-hye also goes with and without fringe quite often. With her see-through bangs, her loveliness becomes more powerful and without her bangs, her well-proportioned facial structure shines even more brightly. Her head is shaped perfectly for a high ponytail too.

Voting WITH for Park Shin-hye because I personally love her adorable styling when she has her bangs.


Park Seo-joon

Park Seo-joon is famous for both up-do and down-do hairstyles according to his roles or the outfit he is given. Needlessly to say, he wears both to a perfection. When he has his fringe down, he looks so dandy and gentlemanly. With his hair up, and styles with pomade, he radiates sexiness.

Though he looks good in both equally and wears both style often, my heart has been set to WITHOUT from the very start.


Jung Yu-mi

Our sweetheart Jung Yu-mi is also seen with many different hair styles. Today, we are going to look at her short bob hair cut though. Without her fringe, she looks so professional and mature, whereas with her fringe, she immediately looks adorable and younger.

I think she looks better WITH her fringe, the light fringe. As her cute forehead peeks out little by little, it makes her look so endearing.


Lee Dong-wook

Here comes perfection marching his way into our hearts. For Lee Dong-wook, who has such sculpted face features, what hairstyle won't look good on him? Though if I must, let's take a look at his with or without!

When he has his hair up, the focus kind of shifts to his thick, manly eyebrows. In comparison, when he has his fringe down, the focus shifts to his red, full lips. Hmm, a difficult choice indeed, but I'm going to vote WITH. Only because I am still in love with his grim reaper character from "Goblin" and he wore bangs for the role!


Bae Suzy

I think Bae Suzy is the ultimate goddess who can pull off both with or without fringe styles. This was indeed the hardest choice of this list. Bae Suzy is famous for her long, wavy hair style and without the fringe, she styles the hair parting 6:4, creating more mature, alluring look. When she styles with the fringe, she parts her hair 5:5, making her look even younger and sweet.

As hard as it was, I'm going WITHOUT for Bae Suzy. I feel like I've seen Bae Suzy without her bangs more than with in her career. Also, if I have to describe her look in one word, I'd say 'sweetheart' for fringe-on style and 'goddess' for fringe-off style.


I had fun trying to figure out what style I like more on my favorite celebrities. Again, this is my personal preference, please leave your preferences and whether you agree or disagree with my choices! I'm curious to hear your take. In conclusion, it really doesn't matter what I think because they all look wonderful at all times and always manage to look stunning in any hairstyle!

By. Lily Lee