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[Lily's Take] Lee Hyori Sends Coffee Truck to Lee Ji-eun At "My Mister" Set

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-soon couple sent a heartwarming gift of a coffee truck to support Lee Ji-eun while she is filming the upcoming drama, "My Mister".


On February 22nd, Lee Ji-eun uploaded several pictures on her Instagram account with a caption saying, "Hyori unni, President Sang-soon, and "Hyori's Bed and Breakfast" family, thank you so much for your surprise gift. It made my day".

In the photos, Lee Ji-eun is posing in front of the adorable coffee truck with the coffee and sandwiches they sent. In the banners, encouraging messages from Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-soon couple were written saying, "To our lovely Lee Ji-eun who's also working hard at "My Mister". We will take responsibility and support our B&B's worker!" and "Dear Lee Ji-eun, you can come back to rest any time after the drama!"

Lee Ji-eun made a special connection with this celebrity couple last year when she appeared in the variety show "Hyori's Bed and Breakfast" as a part-time worker. The chemistry made between the K-pop queen of 2000s era, Lee Hyori and the 2010s era, Lee Ji-eun was one of the greatest news last year and the fans were a bit sad when Lee Ji-eun could not make it to season 2 this year due to her schedule conflicts. However, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-soon along with "Hyori's Bed and Breakfast" team sent this wonderful gift to Lee Ji-eun in the gesture of their love and support, and fans were delighted to see their relationship still strong.

While Lee Ji-eun took a leave this season, Yoona and Park Bo-gum are filling the spot as "Hyori's Bed and Breakfast season 2"'s part time workers.

By: Lily Lee

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