[Lily's Take] Seo Woo Shares Her Trauma Caused by Anti-fans

On March 1st, actress Seo Woo appeared on a talk show "Happy Together" and shared her trauma regarding anti-fans.


Along with Seo Woo, three other actresses also appeared on the show including Goo Ha-ra, Lee Chae-young, and Lee Da-in. These four beautiful actresses led the show with their fun stories, but Seo Woo's story has gotten the most attention after the show was aired.

Seo Woo talked about her life when she was taking a break from acting. First, she shared the reason why she took a break saying, "All the directors wanted me for same old characters. The vicious and toxic ones like shaman, murderer, sword dancer etc. I wanted to change up my image. However, now that I've learned, I'm ready to take on any roles given".

"When I was taking a break, I kept myself busy fangirling the boy group BTS and working at a local restaurant in the kitchen. Many people thought I was filming a drama at the restaurant when they saw me there".

During the show, Seo Woo also shared a story on how she developed a trauma because of some anti-fans. She mentioned that she was always strong against hate comments and anti-fans since she was always being bashed on for her excessive plastic surgery. However, one day she came across the worst comment. She shared her traumatizing experience with much cautious as she said, "I was on a little date with my mom, going out for a nice dinner. We were just casually walking by and we overheard some people talking about me. Instead of remembering my name or the characters I played, they referred to me as the girl who gets sponsored".

As those random by-passers so casually mocked her for sleeping with older men to achieve her roles in dramas and movies, Seo Woo decided to just ignore them. She continued her story with a shaking voice.

"I kept my silence and continued walking but I saw my mom's eyes trembling. Since then, I hardly go out with my mom in public, let alone dine anywhere. Afterward, my mom just told me how it is so nice to have me home so I can spend more time with her. She tried to hide it, but I could see how hurt she was. Since then, I decided to be more active in my career for my parents and family".

After her story, many netizens sent their love towards the actress, cheering her up. Such careless assumptions, rumors and gossip can scar someone for a lifetime and Seo Woo has gotten more than her fair share of those negativities in her career. This hardworking actress has kept her chin up for a long time and it is about time that she is rewarded with the love she deserves. We are hoping to see this hardworking actress soon in the drama/movie world!

By. Lily Lee

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