[Lily's Take] Top Actors' Diet Secrets

For the actresses, diet is a destiny instilled into their lives that came along with the career, and the actors are no different when it comes to the battle of weight management.


According to the roles they take on, actors are extremely strict with their weight and muscle care, almost as hard as the professional athletes. Today, we will take a look at some of the top actors and their special diet.


So Ji-sub

So Ji-sub covered a world famous health trainer character, John Kim in "Oh My Venus". The actor is already one of the top built actor in South Korea, but to display even more professionally sculpted body, he have gone through a hard core diet for two months prior to the shoot.

For his diet, he quit carbohydrate completely and consumed only vegetable and protein with 0% sodium. Combined with 3-4 hours exercise a day, he was able to lose 7kg in two months.

The actor's agency revealed "So Ji-sub's main food was chicken breast, with occasional beef. He took sodium compteltely out of his diet and even when the other staffs in the office were eating rice cakes as snack, he only said "that looks good" and endured firmly".


Lee Jung-jae

In the movie, "The Assassination", actor Lee Jung-jae also went through a strict diet to play his character.

Since his character wasn't in need of any muscular body, he was sorely focused on losing his weight only. He succeeded with losing total of 15kg.

For his diet, he packed 5 cherry tomatoes, 5 almonds, 2 boiled eggs, 2 chili peppers in a bag and ate 5 of those bags a day.


Kim Rae-won

Actor Kim Rae-won is famous for his love of alcohol and tasty foods. He once weighted 90kg.

However, when he was shooting "Punch - Drama", he lost so much weight that people started to say that he looks like skeleton. This was all to play a character who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Also, while filming the movie, "Gangnam Blues", he succeeded in his diet of losing 15kg. He said "I was able to lose my weight when I took smaller portion for my dinner while keeping a healthy menu".



Here's a legendary successful case of extreme diet. For the Hollywood movie, "Ninja Assassin", Rain took a killer training for 8 months. As a result, he had a body fat percentage near 0% with a firm, muscular body.


His body was quite muscular to begin with, but for the role, he lost 10kg. His main diet consisted of salmon, chicken breast and nuts.


Cho Jin-woong

Actor Cho Jin-woong does wonders with his body when it comes to transforming for his role. His height is 185cm and his weight goes from 120kg to 82kg.

In the previous interview, he said, "I love food. There's no such thing as a bad tasting food in this world. My mother once said that I will get fat even by going near the fridge. But it is important to go on a diet when I'm given a role that requires it".

He continued, "For me, it's best to starve. Haha. But when I'm trying to go on a diet, I do run the track field about 25 to 30 times a day and don't eat anything past 6pm".


By. Lily Lee