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[Lily's Weekly Highlights] Shin Hye-sun


"My Golden Life" had its grand finale on March 11th and its journey has come to an end. "My Golden Life" made us laugh and cry every weekend for the past 6 months as we watched our beloved characters struggle and overcome troubles throughout the 52 episodes.

The main character Seo Ji-an was especially loved by the viewers and actress Shin Hye-sun, who plays the role, became one of the most popular leading actress this year. In fact, she won the first place for December 2017 and February 2018 drama actors/actresses data analysis created by Korea Reputation Center.

Since debuting in 2012, actress Shin Hye-sun has been actively taking a part in several shows though most of her appearances were with minor roles. So, I'm glad that Shin Hye-sun has gotten her well-deserved spotlight with "My Golden Life".

This week's star highlight is on Shin Hye-sun and we are going to explore some trivia about her!

Shin Hye-sun developed her dream of becoming an actress when she watched the drama "Autumn in my Heart" as a little girl because she fell in love with actor Won Bin. Her wish still remains as she is hoping to act together with Won Bin in a drama or a movie one day.

She had to fight her way up before she successfully debuted as an actress. First, she had to convince her strict parents who initially opposed her decision, but they eventually opened up their hearts once they read a lengthy, sincere letter written by her. She later on shared in an interview that her parents went great lengths while trying to get her into an acting school.

After graduating high school, she attended Sejong University and studied acting. However, to be able to get into the industry for even the smallest experience was highly difficult. She took a break from school and focused on landing auditions, but her resume wasn't even accepted. Soon after graduating college, she applied to countless auditions and finally got a pass for the drama "School 2013", which became her debut show.

For "School 2013", she competed for the role against few hundred contestants and to give herself the originality, she cut her hair short for the role.

In an interview, she shared that her favorite actress is Kim Hye-ja and favorite actor is Dane DeHaan. Her role model actress is Gong Hyo-jin.

She was active on Twitter account until 2013, but she stopped all types of social media activity after 2013 for about two years. On November 25th, 2015, she returned to the social media world with her Instagram account.

She enjoys subculture, especially Japanese mangas. Some of her favorite mangas includes Death Note, One Piece, Gintama, and Berserk. She calls herself an otaku.

Her favorite food is ramen, which makes sense that she wants to model for a ramen brand advertisement.

In a talk show, she shared a story about how she and her three friends went on a vacation and drank 40 bottles of rice wine together in two hours. From this episode, she gained the image of a heavy drinker, but later on she explained that she normally doesn't enjoy drinking and partying that much. This legendary 40 bottle story happened to be some sort of an experiment they did, like a dare. After this incident, she said that just by looking at the color green (the bottle of this certain rice wine is green), she felt like fainting.

She thinks men usually likes petite women, so she is a bit bothered by how tall she is. Since she is 172cm (about 5'8"), she is considered tall among Korean girls, but she feels like she is at an awkward height. Hence, she developed a habit of slumping her shoulders.

Actors Kang Ha-neul and Lee Jong-suk were her classmates in high school.

For her ideal boyfriend, she wants a bad-boy type of tough guy, but for her ideal husband, she wants a sweet gentleman.

For her diet, she eats only one meal a day and goes on with her day on an empty stomach for 13 to 15 hours. She is not into exercise for dieting.

In the drama "Secret Forest", Kim Jeong-bon, played by Seo Dong-won, tells Yeong Eun-soo, played by Shin Hye-sun that she resembles the Chinese actress Tang Wei. According to the actor, it wasn't his adlib but an actual line from the script. Shin Hye-sun's agency spread the news of her resembling Tang Wei before and the writer of "Secret Forest" seemed to have used that news as a reference.

Though Shin Hye-sun did not have a lot of major roles since her debut, she started to get the viewers' attention starting with "She Was Pretty" as the shallow and nasty but lovable Han-seol.

Afterward, she received the title of the luckiest girl in 2016 as she appeared in the movie "A Violent Prosecutor" and filmed a kiss scene with actor Gang Dong-won.

Right after "A Violent Prosecutor", she appeared in the drama "Five Children", which she auditioned for twice. For the first audition, she felt disappointed at the result as she wasn't fully understanding the character at that point. Afterward, she begged the director for another chance to audition and successfully won over the role after the second audition.

In "My Golden Life", her acting skill began to be highly praised with the ending scene of the 26th episode, aka "It was you?" scene. According to the viewers, Shin Hye-sun's anger towards Park Si-hoo gave them chills as she yelled at him. This scene was highly applauded by the viewers and attracted several fans.

Today we explored some Shin Hye-sun trivia! Hope you learned something new today and if there are any other Shin Hye-sun facts or stories you know and love, please do share with all of us in a comment! Here's a big heart from Shin Hye-sun!

By. Lily Lee

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