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"LTNS" Esom and Ahn Jae-hong as a Married Couple

Actors Esom and Ahn Jae-hong will work together as a couple.


The TVING drama "LTNS" (tentative title) is a story about a married couple, Woo-jin (Esom) and Samuel (Ahn Jae-hong), who have been estranged from each other by being hit by life, facing a broken relationship by threatening an affair couple to make money. It will show the reality of the sexless couples by adding comedy, and mix up stories of couples who have affairs.

Woo-jin and Samuel have been married for five years and have no home or children with each other. Unlike her goal-oriented and aggressive appearance, Woo-jin has a weak mind. While enduring a low salary at the front of a three-star hotel, she accidentally learns the secret of her friend and his wife. She is determined to live badly after receiving an offer that she cannot refuse. Samuel seems gentle on the outside, but he is a figure with latent anger. After graduating from a prestigious university, he enters a large company without difficulty, but he leaves the company with a mental illness and became a taxi driver. He follows the affair couple with Woo-jin.

Directors Lim Dae-hyeong and Jeon Go-woon will be producing their first ever drama.

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