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Married, butů Missies in 2007

Lee Yo-won, Jang Shin-young and Han Ga-in, the young 'missy' stars made a remarkable achievement this year. Despite the fact they are married, they took the roles of unmarried women in their dramas over other young, single actresses. They became 'young bride' and some even became mothers in their early 20s. However, they are now enjoying the height of prosperity of their acting career with their young beauty and maturing performance shaped from such dramatic life experience as their own marriage.

Lee Yo-won, a mother of 3 years old daughter, made her coming back with SBS 'Surgeon Bong Dal-hee' early this year, which was followed by a film "May 18", in which she took a role of nurse, Park Sinae, displaying her strong fighting spirit. Presently, she is appearing in KBS2 "Bad Love" with a top star, kwon Sang-woo.

Jang Shin-young, who published parturiency and a bikini picture album after the childbirth, also made her coming back with MBC 'Winter Bird' after giving birth to a healthy son last April. In 'Winter Bird' she is a strong, loyal and single matriarch. The 'perfect beauty' Han Ga-in also continued to took the roles of unmarried single women in her dramas such as MBS 'Super Rookie', 'Dr. Gang' and SBS 'A Witch in Love' even after she got married to a fellow actor, Yeon Jung-hoon. She made other female stars envy as she shoot kiss scenes with top male stars such as Jae Hee, Kim Jeong-hoon and Dennis Oh in 'A Witch in Love'.

Oh Yoon-ah, who married last January and gave birth to a son on August, is also coming back this March as a 'single aerobic instructor' in SBS' new drama 'Why Did You Come to My House" (Undecided yet) and will be showing off her healthier and slimmer body.

Not only these married actresses but the 'Returning Singles' are also taking active part in the entertainment industry. During her marriage to a singer Lee Seung-hwan, Chae Rim managed to take a leading role in KBS2 'Oh! Pil-seung, Bong Soon-Young' and after her divorce, she appeared in 'Dalja's Spring' as a single career women who always fails in her love life.

However, Chae Jung-an's come back is even more dramatic. Even though she divorced after one and a half years of marriage, she successfully re-blossom her acting career in the popular MBC drama 'Coffee Prince' as a genius young female artist. Recently she took a cosmetic commercial advertisement with 'Prince Shi Hu', the actor Park Si-hoo, and is gaining a greater popularity than before her marriage.

Go Hyun-jung is the most successful 'Returning Single' of 30s age group. From her 10 years of married life with two children, she 'resurrected' as an 'attractive single woman' while working with much younger male actors in the dramas such as SBS "Spring Days", 'Fox, What Are You Doing ??' and "H.I.T".

This acceptance of this new trend in the entertainment industry is in proportion with maturity of the fans. Nowadays, they are mature enough to accept their stars' private life as it is while enjoy their performance without being disturbed by it. This is exactly opposite to the trend of last century, which believed the commercial value of female stars are dramatically decreasing when they get married and have children.

This new trend is also applies in Hollywood, which leads global entertainment industry. An example is Reese Witherspoon, who got married in her early 20s and has two children but is still the No. 1 casting nominee for a role of a cute single woman.


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