MBC Drama Awards 2020 - Best Couple Online Vote

MBC Drama Awards 2020 best couple nominees for the 2020/12/30 ceremony presented by Kim Sung-joo.

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Best Couple

 Kim Dong-wook X Moon Ga-young | "Find Me in Your Memory"


Lee Joon-hyuk X Nam Ji-hyun | "365: Repeat the Year"

Park Hae-jin X Kim Eung-soo | "Kkondae Intern"

Song Seung-heon X Seo Ji-hye | "Dinner Mate"

Im Soo-hyang X Ji Soo | "When I Was the Most Beautiful"

Eric Mun X Yoo In-na | "The Spies Who Loved Me"

Shin Sung-rok X Lee Se-young | "Kairos"

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