Moon Jung-hee, "I've heard many things"

Moon Jung-hee is satisfied and grateful for the way she works with elder actresses.

Having left strong impressions in the movies "Deranged" and "Hide and Seek", Moon Jung-hee played a caring but complicated mother in "Mama - Nothing to Fear", "Dad for Rent" and "Cart".

She gives off a strong vibe of chemistry but that is all probably thanks to her great teamwork with elder actresses rather than the actors. The blending of woman to woman also got some pretty great reviews.

"I heard everything about me saying that I like elder women. I guess I was honored to have this much attention on me. I am happy because it's something I didn't know I had in me. I didn't know I was going to work that well with them but they loved me so much".

Moon Jung-hee continues to star in the role of a mother and says, "I always anticipate the next scenario. I am excited to start a new challenge. If the content and the characters are good, then I don't care what the story is about. All my roles have been amazing as of late".

"My character may appeal to people in some cases and there's interest. I look for complete trust in my work and if I find there is a certain spot that I can use to my advantage, I do it. "Mama - Nothing to Fear" and "Dad for Rent" characters had loving responsibility and I could analyze the characters well before filming the movies. There was a lot for me to show in "Deranged" and "Hide and Seek"".

When she was asked what she wanted to do most as an actress and she said, "I want to try something extreme. I want to be like Rosamond Pike in "Find Me". It's a great advantage to appeal like that to another woman. I think acting and singing like "Begin Again" is another good role".

"I can't limit myself down to thrillers or mellow flicks but I feel attracted to anything with an appealing character. Something rises in me when I see a good piece of work. I am going to work to be an actress that gives the public goose-bumps".