Movie "I Love You, Jin-yeong!"

Actress Kim Gyu-ri's new movie "I Love You, Jin-yeong!" became a hot topic.


This movie was the most searched movie on the morning of the 26th and it turns out to be a healing movie.

"I Love You, Jin-yeong!" is a life changing story about a woman named Kim Jin-yeong who's life is in a mess; complicated work, no money with her family and love not helping her out at all.

The cast includes, Kim Gyu-ri, Park Won-sang, Yoon So-jung, Choi Yu-hwa, Jeon Soo-jin and more. It's directed by Lee Seong-eun-I who is filming his first feature film.

Netizens claim it's a healing movie; "It connects with female viewers", "I feel warm", "I feel comforted", "It's going to spread" and more.