Movie Star Couple Jo, Kang Break Up

By Chung Ah-young
Staff Reporter

Movie stars Cho Seung-woo and Kang Hye-jung have split up after three years, their management agencies said.

Jo and Kang were believed to be in a solid relationship. Most celebrity couples tend to avoid having their relationship in the media spotlight, but the pair frequently showed up together in public places without hiding their relationship.

Jo's agency said that lately the actor has been spending time alone while Kang's agency said that she has been on a short break.

The news comes as a shock even though speculation of their breakup had spread early last year. Kang didn't attend Jo's recent performance in the musical "Rent", which started on Jan. 7 in Taehangno, Seoul.

Their relationship was first announced in 2004. Since then, they have openly expressed their affection toward each other. In various awards ceremonies, the pair often gave honor to one another.

The real-life lovers starred as a couple in last year's melodrama "Love Phobia" (Tomabaem), but their celebrity status didn't take the film to commercial success.

After the breakup, the agencies said the two are focusing on their work.

Cho is now performing in the musical "Rent", which runs through Feb. 19. He has not yet decided on his next film. Kang will star in the new film, "Laundry", following her latest film, "Herb".