"My Ugly Duckling" Lee Min-jung Talks About Her Home Life

Lee Min-jung appeared as the special guest of the SBS TV show "My Ugly Duckling" on the 25th.

Lee Min-jung and Lee Byung-hun have been married for 6 years and they have a 4 year-old son. Lee Min-jung said, "My son is beautiful. Our family smiles a lot because of him. We recently moved out and my mother-in-law comes often to see her grandson. She loves him more because she waited for a grandson for so long".

According to Sin Dong-yup, Lee Byung-hun's best friend, Lee Min-jung, is a great cook. Seo Jang-hoon said, "You don't seem like the type to cook so this is unexpected", and Lee Min-jung said, "I have to cook to be able to survive". She picked out a few of her best dishes as gochujang stew and chicken stew. She said she learned the recipes from the internet.

Lee Min-jung was asked if she and her husband have shown each other everything, including going to the bathroom and she said, "Almost".

Then she claimed there was once when she was upset at her husband.

She said, "I eat slowly, but my husband finishes eating even before I've set the table. Eating quickly on set has become a habit for him. I was shocked".

"We were only just married then so I told him. Now he tries to eat slowly and thinks of me". She added that she makes him breakfast every now and then when she's not at work.