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Temptation of Wolves one of my fave korean movie 2009-07-16 05:19:44
Duelist i just recently watched this movie out of curiosity, and to my amazement it is good. and the sword fight between the lead actors are commendable enough. 2009-05-23 15:41:49
Jun Ji-hyun can't wait for your hollycood come-out movie..... 2009-01-06 00:41:59
Lee Ji-ah from the time that i saw her in the legend series i thought that this girl could be a fresh face in the industry and could do more. hope tos ee more of you 2008-10-23 02:29:03
The Legend the story is good... the ending though was not played clearly... but the overall series is a must see... 2008-10-23 02:26:04
Park Sung-woong well..... congrats to the 2 of u. im fond of your guys in the series. have a happy life 2008-10-23 02:24:03
Jang Keun-suk i'm quite surprise when i knew that he's one of the leading character in hong gil dong... because ive just watches lovers in prague and he's quite young then. 2008-10-17 05:00:31