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Josephine Mae Justim
I'm Cute juSt LikE My iDol DoNg Hye kYO......^__^ i'm FrOM sURigAo tAndAg cIty....aND UuHhmm i LOve sOnG hyE kYo VEry muCh.SheS My onLy DreAm.I HopE To SeE hEr SomeDay So PLzZ AnYOne heRE PLz heLp mEh To See Her iN PerSonAl...=( ShEs my inPIRaTioN 4EVeR aND eVEr..pLZ heLp mE....I Love sOng hye kYo And bi rAin....i Am IntEreSteD Of AcTiNG aNd aLSo SiNgInG..plZz heLp mE To DisCoveR My tAleNTs In SiNGiNg And aCtING....i LoVE koReA..plZ help meh..i'm serious.....F AnYbODy IS IntErEsTEd iN my TaLEntS PLz.....i am josephine mae justimbaste remedios, i am 15 yrs of age from philippines (mindanao,surigao city.tandag)
PLEASE help meh.i want to be an actress in your very nice country.i wnt to be a popular singer or maybe actress in korea.Plz hElp MEh.Im HopInG fOR YouR KInd aND ConSIdEraTION.plSs....i'lL wAiT.=(PLeAsE???
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