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I just recently discovered that I enjoy a lot of the Asian movies I have watched..

I volunteer for Shoeboxes for Soldiers. It is dear to my heart. I am spending most of my spare time to it. You can find out about the cause on

Strangers are only friends waiting to happen

I am most the time:
Accepting, Adaptable, Agreeable, Considerate, Diplomatic, Easy-Going, Even-Tempered, Good Listener, Inventive, Kind, Patient, Pleasant, Satisfied, and Tolerant
Now that isn't to say that I haven't at one time been told I was cold hearted, a smart a_s and a b_tch, hateful, mean and other choice words. (But that is only if you piss me

I hope you have enjoyed the class today.. come back again to Jenny 101. ( ps. I am having fun)
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