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haha i have a fetish for VAMPIRES and been dreaming to become one, lol I am a pet lover especially DOGS, they melt my heart. I do appreciate beauty and arts. I have a passion for fashion, styling and designs. I'm just a simple girl with a biggest heart in terms of DREAMS. I am a big dreamer. I'm kinda complicated person because I tend to be a perfectionist but hey I am kind you know. I am a desperate singer and dancer, ahaha my deepest secret is I LOVE TO ACT... but i just don't do anything about it. In my age at this very moment, I am proud to say that I am an NBSB ( no boyfriend since birth). well, I'm kinda excited who will be my first, I am willing to wait for the perfect time and I will never get tired of waiting for God's gift for me. &#9829;

I love to travel abroad, my dream place would be in UK and Canada. I wanted to have my own business someday. I want to put up a fashion business or travel agency. I also dreamed to be a flight attendant.
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