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If you really love a person you will do anything for them just to make them happy even it means letting them go.

plip plop~
lemme see...
-i am a human
-i am a... girl
-i like watching koreanovelas
-my favorite korean actress & actor is Ha Ji-won'' & Hyeon Bin

I am contented of what I have in life, and I am so blessed to have a loving family,some true friends around me that always gives support without them, I won't be as strong person as I am today.

I pretty much can get along with anyone, but except for people who has Plastic behavior, fake, creepy people, cheaters, liars, and gossipers.Yes, I have to be more precise to those people who belong in these categories. I think that I covered everything--I have no respect for those kind of people. I consider myself that I'm friendly, sense of humor and etc., down to earth, fun person, brave, Tough woman. I am the person who strongly believes in Jesus-I am a believer not a "sinner''. I can be very straight forward. I am living in what’s the truth& real life, as far as I understand there are people out there who are really good at hiding their real ugly behavior, but it will only reflects on the persons personal image. I’m a nice person, but just don't step on my long toes and be aware who's toes you’re going to step.Don't ever underestimate me as a person because you'll regret it if you try.

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