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i know im not that perfect to be a human being, but im trying to build up my self although it's not the best, but still to be a good person,,, a simple yet humorous person,,ready to face and deal for what life will prefer for me,,, im into for something which i've been looking for a long long time - my true love,LOVE LOVE LOVE., who knows maybe its you =) ,,,be my guest and be my friend or be my lover, treating others nicely is somehow my passion, earn friends and earn good credits of personality aswell. Always smile - thats my way of living,,and learn how to enjoy what life will do to you and what awaits you,, sometimes im too emotional but thats the only way of showing and expressing my feelings to a special someone,, i know some will like me and some are not, but one thing i can assure, being nice to you is all i can do,, even though its not the best, still you will feel how Albert Steven Mercado treats you close to his heart =),,,
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