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My Wife Got Married This is a song of love full of sorrow and pain. All i got a broken heart after all again. I am in my worst case in this awful day. Because today is my sweetheart's holy wedding day. I have our old song ringing in my head. Holding my heart blooding in my hand. I am sharing my place with loneliness now. There is no pain compare with it somehow. There must be no sorrow such that, neither on earth nor in skies. Happiness will be my gift for you and this song will be all yours. Your sign on that book shot me down in flames. I am so sorry. But that is alright, i made my way far away as long as you are happy. My God...Can i really put up with this sorrow?...Never! Help me my lord...And take her love from my heart forever. I think i can't hold on...Suddenly i will fall down. You must have been beautiful in snow white bridals now. Don't cry...I am singing our song. Believe in me. I can't be angry with you even if you don't belong to me. But remember the first time that i called you "sweetheart"?...Maybe? So let it ring in your head whenever you listen this song my sweety. 2009-10-21 16:10:21