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Nam Joo-hyuk to Join the Military on the 20th

Actor Nam Joo-hyuk (30) fulfills his national defense duties.


Nam Joo-hyuk entered the Army Training Center today (20th) and will undergo basic military training for five weeks. After that, he began his military service as a member of the military police's task force.

Earlier, Nam Joo-hyuk finally passed the military police task force.

Meanwhile, Nam Joo-hyuk will meet viewers with the Disney+ original series "Vigilante", which is scheduled to be released this year.

"Vigilante" tells the story of a wide-area investigation tracking team called Vigilante, who judge evil people who escape the law, becoming a social phenomenon. It is a drama adaptation based on the webtoon of the same name by Kim Kyu-sam, who is famous for "Pegasus Market".

In the drama, Nam Joo-hyuk plays the main character Ji-yong, claiming to be a dark hero and killing evil. In particular, he chose "Vigilante" as his last work before joining the military, raising expectations.

Born in 1994, Nam Joo-hyuk debuted in the entertainment industry as a model in 2013. Having started acting through the KBS 2TV drama "Who Are You - School 2015", he was loved as a male actor representing youth through SBS's "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo", MBC's "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo", JTBC's "The Light in Your Eyes", tvN's "Start Up" and "Twenty Five Twenty One". Recently, the movie "Remember - 2020" was released.

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