Namgoong Min in "Guam Heo Jun" with Kim Joo-hyuk and Park Jin-hee

Namgoong Min has been cast as Yoo Do-ji in "Guam Heo Jun" according to several media sources.


Yoo Do-ji is a conflicting character with Heo Jun and is the same character Kim Byung-se played in the 1999 drama of Heo Joon.

Yoo Do-ji is the only son of Yoo Eui-tae, Heo Jun's master and is handed down the techniques of medicine from him but turns to envy Heo Joon after a despairing event.

Namgoong Min made a special appearance in the recent drama "Cheongdam-dong Alice" and left a strong impression despite the short time.

Previously, Kim Joo-hyuk had been cast for the role of Heo Jun, Park Jin-hee for Lady Ye-jin and the other cast include; Baek Yoon-sik, Go Doo-shim, Kyeon Mi-ri, Kim Mi-sook, Lee Jae-yong-I, Jung Eun-pyo, Park Chul-min, Yeo Ho-min and more.

"Guam Heo Jun" is a remake of the original "Heo Jun" in 1999 about the life story of Heo Jun the writer of the Dong Eui Bo Gam. To start on in March at 9PM.