Namkoong Min and Kim Ji-eun-IV Confirmed for "One Thousand Won Lawyer"

Actors Namkoong Min and Kim Ji-eun-IV will unite in "One Thousand Won Lawyer".


SBS's new Friday and Saturday drama "One Thousand Won Lawyer", announced on the 12th that Namkoong Min, Kim Ji-eun-IV, Choi Dae-hoon, Lee Deok-hwa, and Park Jin-woo-II have confirmed their appearance.

Namkoong Min, who returns to SBS two years after "Stove League", plays the role of Cheon Ji-hoon, a legal hero with the strongest cost-effectiveness idea that he can be met with a one thousand won bill. He is a law-making heresy with a stylish perm and a strong impression you might encounter in the back streets of London.

Kim Ji-eun-IV is a former member of the Royal Family of the legal profession, playing the role of Baek Ma-ri as the last leader of the Judicial Research and Training Institute, who has a brilliant specification and a brilliant future. She is confident and arrogant, and her smooth life is put on hold when she meets Cheon Ji-hoon.

In addition, Choi Dae-hoon will play the role of the Gangnam kid, the gold p-spoon, the inner circle, and prosecutor Seo Min-hyeok from the legal royal family, Lee Deok-hwa will play Baek Hyeon-moo, a representative lawyer who founded a large law firm, and Park Jin-woo-II, a legal assistant.

Meanwhile, "One Thousand Won Lawyer " is scheduled to air this year.

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