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NCT Doyoung in "To X Who Doesn't Love Me"

Doyoung of the group NCT continues to act.


CJ ENM's online video service (OTT) TVING drama "To X Who Doesn't Love Me" is a story related to several men including Jeong Si-ho (Doyoung), after university lyricist aspirant Seo Hee-soo (Han Ji-hyo) discovers a lyric note that makes someone fall in love with the writer for a month. It is expected to increase empathy with the story of youth in their 20s who are agonizing over dreams and love.

Si-ho has a trauma because of his wounds during his school days and he is Hee-soo's only male friend who knows the secret of the notebook. He doesn't stop nagging Hee-soo, who repeats meaningless relationships that don't even last a month.

Doyoung will appear in the drama following "Cafe Midnight Season 3: Hillside Stalker". "I'm grateful that I have a valuable opportunity to act again", he said.

"To X Who Doesn't Love Me" will be released in June.

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