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[New Documentary] "SAGAL: Snake and Scorpion"

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"SAGAL: Snake and Scorpion" (2022)

Directed by Lee Dong-woo

If I shoot a movie now, I can make great work.
On a day in the summer of 2020, director Lee gets a call from an unknown number. The man asks if he knows the 'dickhead', Park. Lee asks who he is and he says he's a loan shark and he'd kill Park for not paying back and being cocky. With that call from the loan shark, Lee gets to talk to Park, a college film department classmate, after 6 years. Park tells Lee that he's also a loan shark and is owed thousands of debts by gambling. Park laughs and says "If I shoot a movie now, I can make great work with my story". Lee silently follows Park's daily life of chasing the debtors as a creditor while being chased by his own creditors.

No release date in Korea yet

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