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"18 Youth" (2023)

Directed by Eo Il-seon

With Jeon So-min, Kim Doyeon, Park Seo-yeon, Song Ji-yeon, Exy, Park So-eun-II,...

18-year-old Soon-jeong, who lives alone with her mother, an extraordinary life planner. Like any other teenage high school girl, she is dissatisfied with her home and school. In particular, she is full of complaints about her mother. She is studying Swahili since she wants to live in the vastness of Africa once she graduates from high school.

And so, she starts working part-time at a convenience store early, but the disruption to Soon-jeong's plans is none other than her new homeroom teacher, Hee-joo. As soon as Hee-joo was appointed to Soon-jeong's school, she made unconventional suggestions that were different from other teachers, such as having the children rotate class leaders and lockers every week and telling them to use their cell phones on their own as long as they are not caught. The children responded immediately with unconventional suggestions.

Will Soon-jeong be able to safely pass the stormy age of eighteen?

Release date in Korea : 2024/03/01