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[New Movie] "2Percent"

Korean movie "2Percent" added to HanCinema database


"2Percent" (2022)

Directed by Moon Shin-ku

With Heo Ji-na, Kwon Hae-sung, Nam Myung-ryul,...

Director Kang Moon-jeong suffered for a long time as an assistant director. After a series of failures, he was told that he was terminally ill.
The moment he was about to give up his dream, something dream-like happened.
That's right, the main actor was cast!
And it's a national actor that everyone knows!
While preparing for the movie diligently in such busy but dreamy days, he hears the news of D-1, the start of filming, a bolt from the blue.
The main character of the movie disappeared?!
It can't end like this!
Isn't life interesting because there are many variables? Just like a movie!

Release date in Korea : 2023/04

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