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"A Bit Different" (2021)

Directed by Lee Woo-dong

With Lee Woo-dong, Oh Yoon-soo, Lee Ji-hoon-V, Kim Han-gyeol, Lee Jae-hyuk-II, Park Geun-hong,...

A current congressman wants to kill the criminal (Seong-gyoon) who murdered his daughter in a legal way. Thus, he puts pressure on the broadcasting station to film the real events that take place at the arrest sites. He intends to revive the death penalty by driving public opinion through broadcasting that emphasizes Seong-gyoon's violence. Consequently, Detective Do-hyeop Kim, who already caught the culprit, ends up filming an unexpected broadcast. His partner Yeong-mi tries to help Do-hyeop, but strangely, he doesn't seem quite happy about it. As the filming progresses, the uncomfortable truth between Do-hyeop and Yeong-mi gets revealed, and the situation gradually becomes catastrophic...

Release date in Korea : 2022

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