[New Movie] "Miracle - 2020"

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"Miracle - 2020" (2020)

Directed by Min Byeong-hoon

With Seo Jang-won, Park Ji-yeon-III, Kim Nam-pyo, Oh Yu-jin, Ahn Hyun-bin, Byun Joo-eun,...

The story of a man and a woman who have reached rock bottom. A man who got bankrupt due to fraud and a woman fighting a serious illness are looking for the same person. The two head to Jeju to find the same person and face their naked selves, struggling with hatred and resentment in the process. Meanwhile, beyond their infinitely fragile existence, great nature is holding out. There is a calm energy of life in the cycle of day and night, and life is a strong being born with amazing healing powers. Men and women who meet and part ways, there are symbols of spirits that exceed the time of eternity. Nature is a universe that couldn't be explained, and art is the key to unlocking the sleeping soul.

No release date in Korea yet