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[New Movie] "The Conversation"

Korean movie "The Conversation" added to HanCinema database


"The Conversation" (2021)

Directed by Kim Duk-joong

With Jo Eun-ji, Park Jong-hwan, Kwak Min-gyu, Kim Soy, Song Eun-ji, Kwak Jin-moo,...

"The Conversation" focuses on Eun-yeong and Seung-jin, and their interactions with the characters who surround them. Conversations center on seemingly insignificant subjects and are spoken in everyday language and rhythm. Topics include such subjects as the characters′ memories or youth, love, and culture. Splendid acting, rhythmical dialogues, beautiful compositions, expanded tension in and out of the frame, and tensions between scenes create a sense of formal harmony. Rather than persuading viewers of the importance of life with linear narratives, "The Conversation" calls for the audience′s imaginative narratives of life to work by non-linearly collecting and placing precious pieces of everyday life. Its emotional echo and wavelength are great. JUNG Hanseok

26th Busan International Film Festival

No release date in Korea yet

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