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"The Name" (2019)

Directed by Heo Dong-woo

With Jeon So-min, Choi Jung-won-I, Kim Jung-kyoon, Kim Dong-ju, Kim Min-ki, Seo Jung-rok,...

'Ri-ae', a woman who had everything but could not fulfill her dream.
'Cheol-woo'. a man with a genius talent but is not lucky.
'Ri-ae' bought the painting of 'Cheol-woo' who she met by chance, and they decided to complete the last work by borrowing each other's names.
'Ri-ae' forgets her vanity and learns true love.
And 'Cheol-woo' who had no hope, finds a reason to live as a man with a warm smile...

Release date in Korea : 2020/10/14