[New Movie] "Yangji"

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"Yangji" (2020)

Directed by Kim Chae-rin

With Jeon Jung-il, Yoon Tae-hee, Shin Hye-jung, Yoo Byung-hoon-II, Yoo Ji-eun-I, Jung Ah-yeon,...

About people who lost their love to bury at a sunny place, and make Korean funeral soup with the brisket of beef ("Yangji" means i) sunny place to bury body, ii) the brisket of beef in Korean)

i) Jaehong/Age 43/ lost his wife by an illness, lives with his daughter Solee/Age 15/.
ii) Jenam/Age 80/ left in a large house with her husband Sanghae/Age 88/'s concubine Heewon/Age 65/ after his death.
iii) Ayoung/Age 24/'s boyfriend Dongjoon/Age 24/ was dead instead of her to defend the car accident. His mother Gyejeong/Age 55/ hates Ayoung, unforgivably.

No release date in Korea yet