New York Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Korean Film

On the heels of a newfound interest in Korean films abroad, cinematic masterpieces from Korea will be presented in New York. The Film Society of the Lincoln Center would hold a special event commemorating 60 years of Korean film, from Nov. 12 though Dec. 7, the Korean Culture Service in New York said.
According to the Korean Culture Service, a total of 31 Korean movies, such as "Home of the Heart" directed by Yoon Young-kyu in 1949 and "Low Life" directed by Im Kwon-taek in 2004, will be presented during the event.

Art house films make a strong showing, with films like Kang Dae-jin's "A Coachman", Im Kwon-taek's "The Banner Bearer without a Flag", Bae Yong-kyun's "Why Did Dalma Go Eastward?" Hong Sang-soo's "The Power of Kangwon Province" and Lee Chang-dong's "Peppermint Candy".

The Film Society of the Lincoln Center was established in 1969 and has introduced acclaimed foreign films to New York and the rest of the U.S., through screenings like the New York Film Festival and other screenings that highlight new directors and new films.

The Film Society has held special events to highlight renowned directors and countries, but this will be the first time for an international film organization to introduce representative Korean cinema through the years. During the event, the Film Society and Columbia University will co-host a debate on the roots, development and direction of Korean film.


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