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[North America] "Time Renegadess" to be realased in North America on April, 22

2016/04/06 Source

One murder, two different times.
Two men's desperate race against time to save one woman they both love.

January 1, 1983. High school teacher Ji-hwan (Cho Jung-seok) proposes to colleague and lover Yoon-jeong (Lim Soo-jung), but moments later he is fighting for his life after he is stabbed by a mugger.

January 1, 2015. Police detective Geon-woo (Lee Jin-wook) is shot by a suspect.
The two men who live 30 years apart, fight for their lives on the same day, at the same hospital. As they come back from the brink of death, the two men begin to see through each other's eyes in their dreams.

The two men slowly come to the realization that the other is a real person living at a different time. Geon-woo is drawn by fate to So-eun (Lim Soo-jung) who looks exactly like Yoon-jeong, Ji-hwan's fiancée he saw in his dreams. As Geon-woo looks through cold cases from the 80's, he learns that Yoon-jeong was murdered 30 years ago and begins to delve into the unsolved case. Meanwhile, Ji-hwan learns the fate of his fiancé Yoon-jeong through Geon-woo. The two men embark on a mission to change Yoon-jeong's fate.

Time Renegadess"
Writer/director | kwak Jae-Yong
Cast | Lim Soo-jung, Cho Jung-seok, Lee Jin-wook Genre | Thriller
Presented by | CJ Entertainment
Production | CJ Entertainment / Sang Sang Film
Prod. Year | 2016
North American Release Date | April 15, 2016 (LA CDG Cinemas) ; April 22, 2016 Run Time | 108 Min
Technical Info | 1.85:1 / Color / Dolby Sr 5.1


About the Director kwak Jae-Yong

Date of Birth: May 22, 1959 / Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea
Since kwak Jae-Yong debuted with "Watercolor Painting in a Rainy Day" in 1989, he has become one of the leading directors of Korea with hits such as "My Sassy Girl". He is also behind "The Classic" that has come to be considered a classic, and earned the heart of the nation.
kwak Jae-Yong fell in love with "Time Renegades" soon as he read the script, and he added his unique brand of cinematography to give birth to a new genre that is 'melodrama thriller.'

2004 "Windstruck"
Grand Bell Awards: Best Adaption
2003 "The Classic"
Golden Cinematography Awards: Best Director
2001 "My Sassy Girl"
1992 "Autumn Trip"
1989 "Watercolor Painting in a Rainy Day"


About the Film

1983 and 2015, different times, one murder.
Two men's race to change one woman's fate.
The movie "Time Renegades" is a romantic thriller that follows two men – a soon-to-be groom living in 1983 (Cho Jung-seok) and a police detective living in 2015 (Lee Jin-wook)-as they try to stop the death of the woman they love (Lim Soo-jung) after they begin communicating through their dreams. With director kwak Jae-Yong of "The Classic" and "My Sassy Girl" at the helm, and a star-studded cast that includes Lim Soo-jung, Cho Jung-seok and Lee Jin-wook, "Time Renegadess" has been in the spotlight since production began.
'Ji-hwan', a high school teacher living in 1983, and 'Geon-woo', a detective living in 2015. They begin to see the life of the other through their dreams after their brush with death on January 1 of 1983 and 2015.
The two men begin to have strange dreams without knowing why or who the other man is. As time goes by, however, each comes to the realization that the other is a real person living 30 years away.
Geon-woo is a police detective, and as he looks through unsolved cases from the 1980s, he discovers that Ji-hwan's fiancé 'Yoon-jeong' was murdered. Ji-hwan then learns through Geon-woo's dream that his fiancé will be murdered, and the two men work together to get to the bottom of the case.
Such time-warping storyline of "Time Renegadess" that sees two men connected across time through their dreams, brought much attention to the movie from the beginning.
Director kwak Jae-Yong as well as the leads Lim Soo-jung, Cho Jung-seok and Lee Jin-wook were enthralled by the plot soon as they read the scenario.
As the plot unravels, the past and the present are linked ever more closely. The three dimensional story and the detailed storytelling will thrill and captivate the viewers. "Time Renegadess" will become a must-see film this April.
1983 and 2015, a crossing of times.
A 'melodrama thriller' comes to the big screen in April!
"Time Renegadess" contains two different times, 1983 and 2015. For the audiences, two times separated by three decades means double the emotional and visual enjoyment. In order to recreate 1983, the production crew searched far and wide for locations, and added realistic computer generated imagery. The scene in which such efforts shines the most is the opening of
"Time Renegadess". From the moment the New Year is rung in at Boshingak in both 1983 and 2015, the audiences will be able to intuitively feel how the lives of the characters living in different times will become interwoven.
The fact that "Time Renegadess" stirs the memories of viewers who lived 1983 while offering a new experience to those who did not is another element enthralling element of the movie. What's more, there are unique elements that only a movie dealing with two different times can offer such as watching 1983's Ji-hwan being awed by smartphones and other elements of the future he sees through the eyes of Ji-hwan in 2015.
Geon-woo in 2015 learns of Yoon-jeong's murder from a cold case file, and 1983's Ji-hwan learns through his dreams and the two begin to delve into the case to save her life.
As the plot unfolds out, real-life events such as that of a Chinese fighter jet defecting, and Korea's youth football team entering the semifinals are linked into the story to add realism to the movie.
In addition, the seat-gripping suspense that builds up throughout the two men's fight to change a woman's fate captivates and immerses the audiences in their desperation.
The combination of a tightly knit thriller plot and the passionate love a man feels for his lover will make "Time Renegadess" a classic of our time.
Cho Jung-seok x Lim Soo-jung x Lee Jin-wook Ensemble of masters of the emotion!
As soon as the lineup of Lim Soo-jung, Cho Jung-seok and Lee Jin-wook was revealed, "Time Renegadess" was at the center of attention. Moviegoers' faith in Director kwak Jae-Yong of "The Classic" fame, and the unique scenario brought the three stars together for "Time Renegadess".
After he has a brush with death, Ji-hwan who is living in 1983 begins to see the life of a man living in 2015. Ji-hwan is a warm-hearted music teacher whose life could not get any better as he plans his future with colleague and fiancé Yoon-jeong. His life is turned upside down when he learns of Yoon-jeong's fate through his dreams.
This role of a man fighting to change the future is played by Cho Jung-seok, who has carved out a place for himself in Chungmuro with his detailed acting methods.
As can be seen in Lim Soo-jung's words; "He is always considerate of his counterpart, and never loses his smile", JO has a very pleasant and human nature, which he has incorporated into his character.
Yoon-jeong is Ji-hwan's fiancée and a colleague who teaches chemistry at the same school. So-eun is also a teacher in 2015, and her resemblance to Yoon-jeong surprises Geon-woo.
Both roles are played by Lim Soo-jung, who has won critical acclaim in every project she has undertaken.
In "Time Renegadess", she plays two roles – Yoon-jeong and So-eun, who share similarities yet different – who are the driving force behind two men's desperate race to change the future. "She is a veteran who portrays any role perfectly and naturally", said Cho Jung-seok.
True to his words, Lim Soo-jung gave life to the warm and caring Yoon-jeong of 1983, and the confidence and lovable So-eun of 2015 to become a major pillar of "Time Renegadess".
Lee Jin-wook is Korea's number one man when it comes to 'time travel' on both the small and big screen. In "Time Renegadess", he takes on the role of police detective Geon-woo living in 2015. Geon-woo's interest in 1983 is piqued by Ji-hwan, and he stumbles across a cold case in which Ji-hwan's fiancé is murdered, and he dives head first into the case to stop the murder.
In the words of Cho Jung-seok, "(Lee Jin-wook) has a deep gaze and his weighty acting makes him a perfect fit for thrillers". And just as Cho Jung-seok described, Lee Jin-wook brings a mysterious atmosphere and his unique aura to the role, amplifying the suspense of "Time Renegadess".
The talented cast, and their perfect teamwork is one of the key elements of "Time Renegadess". "We worked so well together, and just discussing how to play out a scene was very enjoyable", members of the cast said. The sheer caliber of their acting and the chemistry among them alone would be enough to make "Time Renegadess" a must-see film this year.


Characters & Cast 1

Ji-hwan, the man of 1983
A music teacher who sees the life of Geon-woo in 2015 after an accident. Through Geon-woo, he learns that his fiancé Yoon-jeong will be murdered.

Cho Jung-seok | The man of details
Cho Jung-seok has been working in a range of fields including films, dramas and musicals. He began his careers as a musical actor and gathered a following among the fans of musical theater. He jumped to stardom with "Architecture 101" and swept the new comer awards. He followed up the success with "The Face Reader", "The Fatal Encounter", "My Love, My Bride - 2014" showing his talent across genres.
In particular, he has shown a meticulous attention to detail in his acting, and his latest movie will be the pinnacle of his career to date.

Selected Fimography
"The Exclusive : Beat the Devil's Tattoo" (2015), "My Love, My Bride - 2014" (2014), "The Fatal Encounter" (2014), "The Face Reader" (2013) , "Iron Dae-oh: The Nation's Iron Bag!" (2012), "Architecture 101" (2012)

Characters & Cast 2

 Geon-woo, the man of 2015
A police detective who dives into the case of Yoon-jeong's murder in 1983.
As he delves into the case, he meets So-eun and his world is thrown into turmoil.

Lee Jin-wook | Korea's time cop
From the movie "Beauty Inside" with which he stole the hearts of female fans to THE TARGET in which he showed off a masculine charm, Lee Jin-wook dominates the screen with his chiseled features, charismatic acting and the mysterious aura he carries with him. In the drama [Nine: Nine Time Travels] he proved his mettle as an actor. In "Time Renegadess" he once again takes on time as he searches for the truth.

Selected Fimography
"Beauty Inside" (2015), "The Target" (2014), "Miss Granny" (2014)

Characters & Cast 3

 Yoon-jeong, the woman of 1983
She is Ji-hwan's fiancé and the chemistry teacher at the same school, but she becomes mired in a dangerous case that threatens her very life.
So-eun, the woman of 2015
She is weary of a police detective who claims to have seen a woman who looks exactly like her, but she is drawn to the case and everything in her life changes.

Lim Soo-jung | The queen of Chungmuro
After winning both popular and critical acclaim in the movie "A Tale of Two Sisters", she has taken on each role with her own unique expressive creativity. She is loved by the public, and has won the trust and support of leading directors of Korea.
In "Time Renegadess", she takes on two roles of Yoon-jeong and So-eun who live in different times. She is expected to express the characters' emotions with such realism that will draw the audiences into the movie.
Selected Fimography
"Perfect Proposal" (2015), "Everything about my Wife" (2012), "Come Rain Come Shine" (2011), "Finding Mr. Destiny" (2010), "JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard" (2009) , "Happiness" (2007) , "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK" (2006), "Lump sugar" (2006), "Sad Movie" (2005), "" (2003), "A Tale of Two Sisters" (2003), "The Romantic President" (2002)

A kwak Jae-Yong FILM
Cho Jung-seok Lim Soo-jung Lee Jin-wook "Time Renegadess" JJeong Jin-yeong Jeon Shin-hwan-I, On Joo-wan Lee Ki-woo
Cinematographer Lee Sung-jae Lighting by Park Sung-chan Music by Kim Jun-seong
Edited by Sin Min-kyeong Production Designer Lee Yo-han Costume Designer Jang Ju-hee Make Up/hair Designer Jang Jin-jung Sound Design Gong Tae-won Special Effects by Youn Dae-won Visual Effects by Baek Sang-hoon
Sound Recording Han Chul-hee Digital Intermediate Park Jin-ho
Executive Producer Jeong Tae-sung Co-executive Producer Michelle Kwon
Produced By Bang Ok-kyung Yim Sang Jin Co-producer Ahn Sang Hoon
Creative Producer Lee  Jin-eun Screenplay by Ko Jeong-woon Screenplay adaptation by Lee Sang-hyun
Directed By kwak Jae-Yong

Source : www.cj-entertainment....

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