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Oh Seung-hoon to Join "Uncle Sam-sik"

Actor Oh Seung-hoon was cast in the drama "Uncle Sam-sik" following the movie "Believer 2".


His agency Just Entertainment said on the 15th that Oh Seung-hoon will show a new acting transformation through "Uncle Sam-sik".

"Uncle Sam-sik" deals with the hot desires and bromance of two men, Song Kang-ho and Byun Yo-han (Kim San), who survived the turbulent period in the early 1960s.

Oh Seung-hoon plays Ahn Gi-cheol, the youngest son of Ahn Yo-seop, chairman of the Cheongwoo Association and president of Segang Textile.

Oh Seung-hoon said through his agency, "I read the script for the first time, and it was well drawn as if the scene was unfolding in front of me", adding, "I really want to participate and become a stylish object that expresses this good story".

Meanwhile, Oh Seung-hoon, who debuted in 2013 through advertising, showed solid acting skills in various fields such as the plays "Let Me In", "Equus", the movie "Justice High", "Defendant", and the musical "Black Mary Poppins".

In particular, he was selected as the face of a new lock connecting Ryu Jun-yeol in the Netflix film "Believer 2" scheduled to be screened this year and took the lead.

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