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Oh Yoon-ah "I think I've gotten over the racing girl image"

Oh Yoon-ah strongly stated that she's alright with the racing girl image.


She appeared on the YTN show "News and Issues – Issues and People" on November 8th and spoke about her racing girl image.

She said, "As I became a popular racing girl, many agencies called me up. Going into one agency I thought about becoming an actress so I tried really hard with scripts".

She continued, "However, after my debut, the sexy concept stopped me from going far. A senior actress told me, "Show them your sexy image until they are sick and tired of it. Then get yourself out of it". I got to change my mind after that".

She said, "Now, I am not uncomfortable with the racing girl image. I think I've gotten rid of it on its own".

Meanwhile, Oh Yoon-ah was acknowledged for her performance in the drama "What Happened Last Night??".

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