[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Kim Seon-ho and Moon Geun-young Pair Up for "Catch the Ghost!"

I'm sensing a sugar-sweet OTP here, as actors Kim Seon-ho and Moon Geun-young have confirmed their leading roles in tvN's upcoming "Catch the Ghost!", a romantic investigation drama about a 'doer' rookie and a 'thinker' veteran of the subway police force.

If you're wondering why there's no fantasy genre attached, your answer lies in the heroine's name. Moon Geun-young ("Glass Garden", "The Village: Achiara's Secret") plays the titular Yoo Ryeong (which means ghost in Korean), the action-driven, rookie subway police investigator who can't tolerate injustice.

Kim Seon-ho ("Welcome to Waikiki 2", "Two Cops") plays Go Ji-seok, a former homicide detective who is currently in his 3rd year in the subway police service. Ji-seok will experience radical life changes when he meets the overzealous rookie. Given the title and the genre, I'm hoping the two bond while our 'doer' learns to pause and think, and our 'thinker' stops overthinking.

I had no idea that there was protection above security guards for subways, so the premise intrigues me past the romance as well. "Catch the Ghost!" will be penned by writers So Won and Lee Young-joo, and helmed by PD Sin Yoon-seob ("Please Come Back, Mister", "Ugly Alert", "The Rooftop Prince"). It will premiere in the second half of the year.

Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

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