[Orion's Daily Ramblings] "My Strange Hero" Releases Romantic Poster With Yoo Seung-ho and Jo Bo-ah

By Vasia Orion on 2018/11/28 at 17:24 PST

We're slowly getting to see all the past nastiness that the protagonist of "My Strange Hero" has gone through in the latest teasers, revealing the tragic event which resulted in him being framed and kicked out of school. The drama's poster takes a sweeter, more feel-good approach with a hopeful message and a depiction of youthful love.

The drama might be handling some dark themes while calling itself a bright and cheerful rom-com, but you could fool me with this poster of Yoo Seung-ho and Jo Bo-ah in teen adorableness. It's all lovey-dovey and cute, while the type reads "You are my second first love story". I'm guessing that refers to the romance of the leads rekindling after the misunderstanding will be cleared.

The poster also gives us context for the scene depicted, reading 'On a good day in 2009...' I can't help but find that somewhat ominous, however. Perhaps this day will be the last these youths will have a moment of innocence in, if it's the day of the incident. The premise is not my thing, but I hope audiences get solid drama and adorable romance. "My Strange Hero" is premiering on December 10th on SBS.

Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

Vasia Orion

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