[Orion's Daily Ramblings] "to.Jenny" Brings Family and Music Together in Script Reading Stills

Upcoming two-part musical drama "to.Jenny" brings us its lovely cast and some new information on the hero's family through some stills of the drama's script reading that took place in May. "to.Jenny" is a new type of music drama, which combines the excitement of a first love with indie music. It is about a man who expresses his first love through music, and a woman who chases her dreams while living a difficult life.


Present at the script reading, which was held in May, were PD Park Jin-woo-III, writer Lee Jung-hwa-II, actors Kim Sung-cheol, Jung Chae-yeon, Park Mi-sun, Yang Ik-june and more. Park Mi-sun plays Park Jeong-min's (Kim Sung-cheol) mother, Kim  Mi-ok, while Yang Ik-june is the tsundere uncle, Kim Hyeong-soo, who supports his nephew's dreams. Rounding up the family is Choi Yoo-ri as Park Ok-hee, Jeong-min's younger sister.

This sounds like a short and sweet story about coming of age and coming to terms with the challenges of it while clinging to the dream of music, so we will at the very least get some nice tunes and some feel-good messages. "to.Jenny" will air on July 10th at 23:10 KST on KBS 2TV.

Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

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