[Orion's Drama News] Controversies and Co-Productions

Hello everyone and welcome to weekly drama news with yours truly, writer and community manager Orion. In these pieces I will be recapping a few drama-related news of the previous week and speaking about my personal thoughts on them. Come chat with me in the comments and share your own opinion on these items or any news you like!


"Cheese in the Trap" in the Hot Seat

I am someone who painstakingly avoids spoilers on shows I cover for HanCinema. Still, this screen time controversy currently happening was too big to miss. I have not finished the drama yet, but I will probably weigh in on it more when I have. Until then and if you also don't know much about it, you can read the news linked above as well as Park Hae-jin's two part interview on the matter here and here.

In-ho, Seol and JeongSi-woo and Chi-ang

Exclusive "Moorim School" Content

The drama might not be doing great in Korea, but it seems our dear HanCinema readers are liking it. Well, this piece of news will surely make you all happy then. There's only ooone tiny problem. I can't tell you exactly what it is. I'm horrible, I know, but our lovely Lisa Espinosa has been working on an exclusive item you will definitely like and which will be out soon. We are working on it as I type this, in fact. Keep an eye out for it.

"The Walking Dead" Meets Kdrama?

An original story by "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman will be made into a 5-season Korean drama. The series is a pre-apocalyptic work and is titled "Five Year". If you are very confused, welcome to the party. Do you remember that feeling when you jump off a swing after gaining momentum? Those conflicting thoughts of "Holy crap, I'm gonna die!" and "Wheee! I'm flying!" is sort of what I feel right now. This could be great, but there is also so much to worry about. More news on this as it develops.

Miss MoonTae-seok

Upcoming Drama Goodies

From "Goodbye Mr. Black" we have a new teaser as well as new photos for Lee Jin-uk here, Kim Kang-woo here and Moon Chae-won here. "Memory" has also released a new video you will be seeing and no doubt sobbing over soon. "Vampire Detective" is more active on the promotional offense and "My Little Baby" is coming along nicely. I will personally be covering all of these shows except for "Goodbye Mr. Black".

"Descendants of the Sun" and "Please Come Back, Mister" Opening Week

Two very different shows which have gotten folks excited in different ways. I am covering both and will have first look pieces out on them next week. I always give a show of this length four episodes before I express my thoughts, as the first week of dramas tends to be too eager to capture the viewers' attention and not always representative of the rest of the series. I think both dramas have good points, though I can leave you with the teaser that "Please Come Back, Mister" is my personal favorite so far. Please check out William's episode 1 and episode 2 reviews for it as well as Lisa's episode 1 and episode 2 reviews for "Descendants of the Sun".

Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

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