[Orion's Drama News] New Horizons

If I were covering celebrity gossip, then this season and all of its dating and wedding news would give me quite a lot of material. Strangers' love life is not what excites me, however, so I bring you news of future Netflix goodness as I contemplate a new type of Korean drama productions at our doorstep. The usual news follow, of course.

Dramaland Expanding

Being a foreign Korean drama fan has been a struggle for a long time. Even now, we only have a few legal streaming options, many with geoblocking outside of the US and certain Asian countries. Even so, these services show the fast growth of the global Hallyu market and it has enabled them to produce and co-produce original dramas. Viki's "Dramaworld" and now DramaFever's "My Secret Romance" are two examples. DramaFever will also co-produce "Mojito", an upcoming drama courting Sung Joon.

However, for those who are not necessarily fans of the youth-focused shows or the typically popular dramas fitting the audiences of these platforms, new options are starting to surface. Streaming giant Netflix has already featured a few dramas including "Night Light" and there is more content on the way, such as "Kingdom" and even an original production. "Man to Man", for which we have new teasers and a trailer is also headed for the platform. I find the prospect of diverse, fresh and quality-focused stories from Dramaland an exciting one and so I hope these partnerships do well.

Jin-wookCrown Prince

Upcoming Drama Goodies

Upcoming sageuk "Ruler: Master of the Mask" has released its third teaser and we have sript reading images from weekend drama "Bad Thief, Good Thief". If you are tired of romantic "ships", Ha Ji-won might bring us a real one with "Hospital Ship" while Lee Elijah has joined "Fight My Way". "The Best Hit" has added quite a few names to its cast and so has "Return of the Lucky Pot". "Nameless Woman" will be the return of Oh Ji-eun to Dramaland after an injury, so best wishes to her.

Followed Dramas

"Whisper" is still not exciting by my standards, but it is doing better since episode four and "Tunnel - Drama" has started featuring standalone cases while developing its main story, which I like. I am still dreading "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon" and have not started "Queen of Mystery", but I hope to make progress in both this week.

Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'