"Parasyte: The Grey" Yeon Sang-ho and Masaki Suda

Director Yeon Sang-ho mentioned Japanese actor Masaki Suda, who marked the final ending of "Parasyte: The Grey".


Director Yeon Sang-ho met with iMBC Entertainment at a cafe located in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 9th and interviewed the Netflix original series "Parasyte: The Grey".

"Parasyte: The Grey" is a drama about the operation of the team The Grey to stop the emergence of parasites trying to expand their power by using humans as hosts, and among them, the story of several humans who have come to live in symbiosis with parasites. It is based on Hitoshi Iwaki's cartoon "Parasite Water", which has accumulated more than 25 million copies in more than 30 regions and countries.

Masaki Suda drew attention when he appeared at the end of Part 6 of "Parasyte: The Grey". Regarding the reason for casting him, director Yeon Sang-ho said, "Masaki Suda really liked "Parasyte: The Grey" and said he had enjoyed reading original comic books since he was a child. I really liked the setting of Shinichi Izumi coming to Korea".

"Masaki Suda appeared in the movie "Badland Hunters" series with Yang Ik-june. I was close to Yang Ik-june, so I saw this work, but later on, I took a great interest in Masaki Suda. When I saw his acting, I thought, 'He's a very good actor'. Since then, I remember looking for more works by him", he added.

Director Yeon also said, "I thought Masaki Suda was a good match with Izumi Shinichi, so I made him an offer to appear on the show, and I was very happy that he accepted. What I remember is that Masaki Suda appeared very short, but he said he was so curious about the set, so he came to Korea in advance to look around the set the day before filming. "After watching the scene, I ordered tteokbokki at a beer place and talked a lot with him and Yang Ik-june. I felt like he was a very casual and good friend".

If the production of "Parasyte: The Grey" season 2 is confirmed, Masaki Suda will definitely appear. "It's hard to tell you the details, but if season 2 is produced, Izumi Shinichi, played by Masaki Suda, will come out. He will play a pretty important role", Yeon Sang-ho said. "We can't do it if season 2 is not produced", he said, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, "Parasyte: The Grey" which has been produced in a total of six episodes, is now available to watch in full on Netflix.