Park Chan-wook's Latest "The Ax" To Crank In This August With Lee Byung-hun and Son Ye-jin

Director Park Chan-wook's new film "The Ax" has begun auditioning.


Director Park Chan-wook's new film, "The Ax", started recruiting for auditions to crank in August.

While "The Ax" is based on Donald Westlake's novel "Axe", director Park Chan-wook tried to make the film in Hollywood in 2017, but the production failed.

Earlier in 2005, Greek director Costa Gavras made a film under the title "The Axe" (Le Couperet), and director Park Chan-wook is planning to remake it.

In particular, director Park Chan-wook said in an open talk at the Busan International Film Festival with Costa Gavras in 2019, "It's the project of my lifetime", adding, "I really want to make it and make it my representative work someday".

"The Ax" tells the story of a middle-class man who shows a mad obsession with his enviable boss and then fails to get re-employed after losing his job, killing potential competitors in various ways.

Lee Byung-hun and Son Ye-jin were cast as male and female protagonists.

Lee Byung-hun worked with director Park Chan-wook on "JSA - Joint Security Area" was released in 2000, and it will be the first time in about 20 years that they're coming together.

In the case of Son Ye-jin, she will work with director Park Chan-wook for the first time. In particular, attention is being paid to Son Ye-jin, who has been focused only on raising her child after her marriage to actor Hyun Bin since the JTBC drama "Thirty Nine" which ended in March 2022.

Expectations are rising as director Park Chan-wook has partnered with Korea's best actors Lee Byung-hun and Son Ye-jin to carry out the work of his lifetime.