Park Hae-jin Attempts Historical Drama for the First Time in 16 Years

Actor Park Hae-jin will challenge a historical drama for the first time.


Park Hae-jin will perform a historical drama for the first time since his debut in MBC's Saturday-Sunday drama "From Now On, Showtime!" which confirmed its first broadcast on the 23rd.

"From Now On, Showtime!" is a ghost-cooperative comic investigation drama between Cha Cha-woong (Park Hae-jin), a famous charismatic magician, and Go Seul-hae (Jin Ki-joo), a righteous hot-blooded policeman. Park Hae-jin, who plays Cha Cha-woong, a cool-headed magician, is known to play a unique character called 'the magician who sees ghosts' drawing attention to how his historical drama costume and background appear in the drama.

The released still cut shows Park Hae-jin in long hair and hanbok, shining with a beautiful appearance. His expression, which seems to be lost in thought, even creates mystery, further raising questions about the drama.

Meanwhile, "From Now on, Showtime" will premiere at 8:40 PM on Saturday, the 23rd.