Park Hoon, "My Family Still Doubts That I Work With Kim Hee-sun"

The main actors Kim Hee-sun, Lee Hyun-wook-I, Jung Eugene, Park Hoon and Cha Ji-yeon of the Netflix series "Remarriage and Desires", boasted their honesty.


The five actors performed loneliness and emptiness as if they were sitting at a table after a party, completing the pictorial like a scene from another drama. Each actor also left an atmospheric black-and-white photo with the keyword black.

In the interview with the pictorial, they showed a comfortable and enjoyable chemistry as if they were close friends just enjoying a casual conversation.

As for the reason for her appearance in "Remarriage and Desires", Kim Hee-sun said, "The material was interesting. When I heard that marriage information companies existed only in Korea, I felt like I could show the Korean sentiment".

Lee Hyun-wook-I said, "I really like cars and it was an opportunity to ride all the cars I've never been able to ride in my life", and Jung Eugene said, "I wanted to act like a bad girl that I've never been before. I've played a lot of bad women so far, and I thought I could show a different side of myself", she said.

Park Hoon said, "I wanted to act with Kim Hee-sun. There was a personal fan sentiment. Because I'm a person before I'm an actor. My family still has doubts that I work with Kim Hee-sun", he said.

Cha Ji-yeon said, "It was attractive to play the role of a strategist. When I looked at the whole story, it was also interesting that I couldn't predict the next".

When asked to rate herself, Kim Hee-sun expressed confidence, saying, "Beautiful beauty".

Lee Hyun-wook-I said, "Grade B. I want to be a person who can go up to A at any time".

Jung Eugene said, "The third out of the five grades. I've lived hard and come this far, and I want to work harder towards the first grade in the future".

Park Hoon said, "I think I'm getting grade A. There is no doubt", Cha Ji-yeon said, adding, "I think I've come to grade 2. I'm keeping my mental health well, and I'm trying very hard not to be conceited by respecting the staff and actors I'm working with".

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