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Park Kyung-hye Talks About the End of "Love in Contract"

Actress Park Kyung-hye expressed her feelings about the end of "Love in Contract".


tvN's Wednesday-Thursday drama "Love in Contract" (directed by Nam Sung-woo/written by Ha Goo-dam) is a romance drama between Choi Sang-eun (Park Min-young), a contract marriage master for a perfect non-marriage life, a long-term mysterious customer of Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and a new superstar Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday customer.

Park Kyung-hye was the investigator Kim Yoo-mi in the drama. Kim Yoo-mi played mischievous pranks that embarrassed the blunt judge Ji-ho (Ko Kyung-pyo) and gave a big laugh by acting as an atmosphere maker at the court office. In addition, perky Yoo-mi showed off her crazy belly dance skills at Ji-ho's housewarming party and showed off her pollution-free charm.

Park Kyung-hye said, "It was a scene where I was grateful and happy to be able to be with good people. I sincerely thank those who loved and supported the drama "Love in Contract" which many people did their best in and I hope everyone is healthy and happy until the day we meet again soon".

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