Park Min-young, Up and Again in Four Months

Actress Park Min-young drew attention by resuming her social media activities in four months.


Park Min-young posted a photo of herself on her Instagram with the caption "SOON" on the 21st.

In the photo, Park Min-young showed off her innocent and delicate actress beauty. Looking at her collarbone and overall features, she seems to have lost more weight than before.

This is the first post in four months by Park Min-young, who has been actively communicating with fans through her social networking services account.

Meanwhile, Park Min-young was embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship with Kang, a wealthy man known as the hidden owner of the virtual asset exchange Bithumb, in September last year. Kang is suspected of being the real owner of companies such as Bithumb Korea, Bident, Bucket Studio, and InBiozen. However, Park Min-young announced the breakup two days after the report.

Since then, she has been embroiled in controversy over allegations of real ownership, and in February, she was questioned whether her ex-lover was involved in the process of acquiring unfair profits as a reference.

In addition, Park Min-young is preparing for her next film after the JTBC drama "Love in Contract" which ended in October last year.

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