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Park Sojin in "Bo-ra! Deborah"

Park Sojin will appear in the new ENA original drama, "Bo-ra! Deborah".


ENA's new original drama, "Bo-ra! Deborah" (directed by Lee Tae-gon-I and Seo Min-jung-III, written by Ah Kyung, planned by KT Studio Genie, produced by good harvest, and Oz Arena) is a romantic comedy that explodes with the strongest love coach Deborah and chic man Lee Soo-hyuk, who has difficulty in love.

In the drama, Park Sojin transforms into a magazine feature editor, Lee Yoo-jeong. Lee Yoo-jeong is a career woman who is more thorough in self-management than anyone else and has a strong attachment to work. She is an attractive character with an easy-going and brave personality and leadership. On the other hand, she raises questions about the reunion with actress Yoo In-na, who she worked together with on the drama "The Spies Who Loved Me" and what kind of harmony she will show.

Park Sojin proudly proved the majesty of the mainstream with her outstanding hard work, including this year's movie "Spring Day", "Shooting Star", "Alchemy of Souls", "May It Please the Court" and "Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow".

Meanwhile, ENA's new original drama "Bo-ra! Deborah" will air in the first half of next year.

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