Park Sung-hoon on "The Kidnapping Day", Truly Grateful

Park Sung-hoon met three consecutive box office hits, following "The Glory", "Not Others" and "The Kidnapping Day". The character of Jeon Jae-joon, the perpetrator of school violence shown in the Netflix series "The Glory", had a strong impression, so the burden on the next work may have been great. However, Park Sung-hoon said, "It was rather an opportunity to challenge a new character".


In a recent interview, Park Sung-hoon expressed his feelings about appearing in another ENA drama, "The Kidnapping Day" following the ENA drama "Not Others" which ended in July. He said, "There's a modifier called 'ENA son'. I'm just grateful", he said. "I'll show you acting that I haven't shown on various platforms and channels in the future".

The recently ended "The Kidnapping Day" is a comic birdie thriller about the world's special collaboration between poor kidnapper Kim Myeong-joon (Yoon Kye-sang) and 11-year-old genius girl Choi Ro-hee (Yu Na). Nielsen Korea started with a nationwide viewership rating of 1.8%, but it gradually rose, and in the final episode, it recorded its own highest at 5.2%, coming to a beautiful close.

"From episode 3, the ratings for "The Kidnapping Day" have risen dramatically. I saw it coming (laughs). I think the viewers will feel it because the writing itself is good and the chemistry between the actors is good. But I didn't know I would be this popular".

In "The Kidnapping Day", Park Sung-hoon plays Park Sang-yoon, a homicide detective chasing Kim Myeong-joon, who has the quick judgment and cool-headed analysis. In his previous work, "Not Others", he played the director of the Namchon Police Box, Eun Jae-won, but he played another role in "The Kidnapping Day". There was even a reaction among Internet users, saying how attractive he is when he appears in a leather jacket.

Coincidentally, the scene that gave fans the most excitement was the most difficult moment for Park Sung-hoon. "It was in the middle of summer when I was filming, but it was really hard wearing a leather jacket and shooting a fierce chase scene", he said.

In addition to Park Sung-hoon's acting transformation, Yoon Kye-sang's performance of a kidnapper who fell short of a kidnapper was also impressive in "The Kidnapping Day". In response, Park Sung-hoon praised Yoon Kye-sang's performance and said, "He has a great personality. First of all, there were so many similarities between his and my MBTI, so we were able to get close quickly", he said. "I was grateful for him leading the atmosphere of the set more than anything".

In addition, about Yu Na, who passed the role of Ro-hee through a competition ratio of 500 to 1, he said, "I was surprised when I saw her on the set. Her concentration and acting immersion were no less than that of an adult actor", he said. "I'm old enough to be her uncle, but I didn't dare give advice. She was perfect".

"In many ways, "The Kidnapping Day" is a work that means a lot to me. I think it's memorable as much as we had a happy time. In particular, there are many forms of family socially, and it was an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of it".

Park Sung-hoon's next films will be tvN's "Queen of Tears" and Netflix's original series "Squid Game - Season 2". Although it has been 16 years since his debut this year, there are plenty of things he wants to try. He said, "I am going to work hard to be called another name just as impressive Jeon Jae-joon in "The Glory"".