[Photo + Video] New Poster and Trailer Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Look at Me Touch Me Kiss Me"

New poster and trailer added for the upcoming Korean movie "Look At Me Touch Me Kiss Me"

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"Look At Me Touch Me Kiss Me" (2023)

Directed by Djenar Maesa Ayu, Kim Tae-sik, Yuhang Ho

With Hong Wan-pyo, Lee Tae-kyoung,...

A Malaysian-Indonesian-Korean co-production
Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Seoul. Three couples in three cities in three countries: The paths of a telemarketer for a loan company and a cart rink owner are destined to cross. A pub owner and a woman with their own background stories. A virgin forklift operator who has never kissed before and a kiss-for-sale manager. Although the geographical backgrounds are all different, the contemporary circumstances of those living in the same era are oddly similar. An omnibus film made by dynamic directors from three countries, this feature feels like a well-cooked full-course meal. It is a pleasure to discover the mechanisms that connect each episode while the warm and humorous perspectives of the surroundings intersect. The film's working title, Dream Together, nicely sums up the stories of the film as well as the meaningful co-production among Asian countries. BOO Kyunghwan

27th Busan International Film Festival

Release date in Korea : 2023/12/06

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