[Photo + Video] Poster and Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Omnibus Movie "Tastes of Horror"

Poster and trailer released for the upcoming Korean omnibus movie "Tastes of Horror"

Main Trailer


"Tastes of Horror" (2023)

Directed by Ahn Sang-hoon, Chae Yeo-joon, Im Dae-woong, Kim Yong-gyun, Yoon Eun-kyung

With Park So-yi, Yoo Da-in, Yoon Hyun-min, Jang Gwang, Lee Zoo-young, Kim Joo-ryoung,...

10 episodes
Segment "Tick Tock Tick Tock" (똑 딱 똑 딱, ddok ddak ddok ddak) by Kim Yong-gyun
An emotional horror flick that occurs when a child abused by a mother meets a ghost.

Segment "Resident-only Fitness Center" (입주민 전용 헬스장, ib-ju-min jeon-yong hel-seu-jang) by Kim Yong-gyun
A daily horror that takes place in an era where interest in fitness is higher than ever and there are ghosts at a gym only available to residents.

Segment "Rehabilitation" (재활, jae-hwal) by Im Dae-woong
An emergency rescue worker Ji-yeon is trapped in a secret and mysterious space after being injured during a rescue operation.

Segment "Delivery Complete" (배달 완료, bae-dal won-ryo) by Im Dae-woong
A story combining the untact-era phenomena interacting through devices with fear.

Segment "Ding Dong Challenge" (딩동 챌린지, ding-dong chae-lin-ji) by Ahn Sang-hoon
The story depicts high school girls challenging a bizarre dance that grant them their wishes if they succeed.

Segment "Hey, Marmons" (헤이, 마몬스, he-i, ma-mon-seu) by Ahn Sang-hoon
A story about a married couple's relationship breaking down due to today's fortune told by AI speakers.

Segment "Four-legged Beast" (네 발 달린 짐승, ne bal dal-lin jim-seung) by Yoon Eun-kyung
A ghost story in which the blood of a four-legged animal increases grades.

Segment "Gold Tooth" (금니, geum-ni) by Yoon Eun-kyung
The story about Jin-tae who steals gold teeth off of bodies and pays off his investment fraud debt.

Segment "Jackpot" (잭팟, jaek-pat) by Chae Yeo-joon
A greedy thriller by cheap humans that takes place when a man who won the jackpot stays at a motel for a day.

Segment "Gluttony" (식탐, sik-tam) by Chae Yeo-joon
A famous mukbang BJ who suffers from anorexia vomits something weird during a live broadcast.

Release date in Korea : 2023/10/18